1. Are they easy to fit and are the brackets included?

All depends on your diy skills but each item comes with easy to follow instructions and invisible brackets. We are also on hand to give over the phone fitting advice.

2. We are unable to find shelves at the size we need. Can you help?

Our floating shelves can be custom-made to your exact measurements.

3. Where do your shelves come from, are they imports?

All products are manufactured here in the UK by us in our purpose built factory. No third party imports.

4. Can we have rounded corners.

Yes, choose straight or rounded corners. Contact us for round corner option.

5. What is the lead time?

Lead time varies. Your order will be delivered within 14 to 21 days. If you have time constraints please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

6. How strong are the shelves?

This does depend on the wall you are fitting to and the shelfs position. Call us and we can discuss. As an example, on a solid brick wall we can create shelves that can bear loads of between 35kg − 50kg, thanks to the Re-Bar system

7. I want to use a shelf as a desk. Is this possible?

The shelves are suitable for a wide range of applications, from floating desks to minimalistic-style bookcases, the only limitation is your imagination.

8. Can you install?

Yes London and the home counties, contact us with your order requirements and postcode. Will will then be able to provide a fitting charge. This will be made up of mileage and meterage of shelves so every quote will vary.

If your question was not answered here feel free to call and ask. We are happy to help.