Wall types and shelf bracket information.

After countless trials and many years of sourcing different floating shelf brackets, we have found the following to be the best hidden shelf brackets on the market as it is a key feature and along with the high quality of the finish of the shelf itself is one of the points that sets us above our cheaper competitors.

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Solid wall construction

Our Standard Screw Type Bracket:

Your go-to solution for seamless support. Our standard screw type concealed shelf support effortlessly blends strength and simplicity. Designed for solid walls like plaster on brick or block, it ensures a secure fit that withstands the test of time.

Option 2

When Strength Matters: Introducing the Re-Bar Bracket

When it comes to heavy-duty loads or shelves exceeding 300mm (or 250mm for 50mm thickness), the Re-Bar Bracket steps in as your ultimate solution. This bracket ensures unwavering stability. Ideal for floating shelving projects that demand maximum strength and durability.

Option 3

Basin floating shelf fitting needs to be discussed before purchase.

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Dot & Dab Wall Construction? We Have You Covered.

Plasterboard bonded onto brick or block with a void in between? Our shelves seamlessly integrate with this unique Dot & Dab wall structure.

Introducing the Re-Bar Concealed Shelf Support:

Engineered for excellence. Our Re-Bar Bracket rises to the occasion, tailor-made for Dot & Dab walls. Designed to bridge the void between plasterboard and underlying brick or block, it guarantees robust support and steadfast installation.

Elevate your storage possibilities. Embrace the innovation of the Re-Bar Bracket – your trusted choice for Dot & Dab wall construction, ensuring your shelves stay securely in place, without compromise.

Option 2

Basin floating shelves need to be discussed before purchase.

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Timber Stud Wall Construction? We Have the Perfect Solution.

When dealing with timber stud wall construction, our shelves find an ideal companion.

Introducing the Plasterboard Plate Concealed Shelf Support:

Crafted for perfection. Our Plasterboard Bracket is tailor-made for timber stud walls. Designed to hold floating shelves onto plasterboard walls, it ensures sturdy support and a seamless look.


Utilize Standard Screw Type and Rebar Brackets:

If you can pinpoint timber stud locations, our standard and rebar brackets offer versatile solutions. Simply provide us with the stud locations, and we’ll expertly drill your shelves to fit, ensuring a secure and customized installation.

Standard Screw Type Bracket

Re-bar Bracket

Option 2

Basin floating shelves fitting needs to be discussed before purchase.

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Floating Shelf Brackets explained.

The Screw Type Concealed Fixing Bracket

The Ultimate Choice: Our Most Popular Fixing Bracket

Our go-to solution for a wide range of applications. This bracket is ideal when your floating shelf meets these criteria:

  1. Solid Wall Attachment: Perfect for brick or block solid wall installations.
  2. Wooden Vertical Studs: If you’ve located and shared the positions of wooden vertical studs, this bracket is a great fit.
  3. Shelf Depth: Designed for shelves with a depth no greater than 300mm.

Easy Installation, Strong Support:

Simplicity meets strength. This bracket boasts straightforward installation, requiring only a 4/10 DIY skill level. Yet, it’s capable of bearing an impressive weight load of up to 35kg on a shelf width of approximately 1000mm.

Choose confidence. Embrace our most popular floating shelf hidden bracket – a blend of ease and durability

The Re-Bar system

Engineered for Strength: Re Bar hidden brackets

Unleash unparalleled support with our resin fixed re-bars, tailored for specific floating shelf needs:

  1. Shelf Depth: Designed for floating shelves exceeding 300mm in depth (or 250mm for 50mm thickness), ensuring steadfast stability.
  2. Dot and Dab Walls: Ideal for dot and dab walls, where plasterboard bonds onto a block with a slight void in between, offering seamless integration.
  3. Heavy Loads: If your floating shelf demands to carry over 50 kgs, this system delivers exceptional strength.

Precision and Robustness:

Meet the challenge. While slightly more intricate to install due to precision requirements, these bars are worth the effort. With a 7/10 DIY skill level, you can achieve the ultimate blend of strength and sophistication.

The Plate Bracket

Versatility Meets Simplicity: The Plate Bracket for Your Floating Shelves

Our Plate Bracket offers flexible support for your floating shelves, catering to specific wall types:

  1. Cavity Plasterboard Wall: Perfect for secure fixation to a cavity plasterboard wall, ensuring stability and ease of installation.
  2. Ply Lined Wall: Equally suitable for ply lined walls, providing dependable support for your floating shelves.

Important Considerations:

Please be aware that the Plate Style Bracket comes with certain limitations. While it offers adaptability, it’s crucial to note:

Effortless Installation:

Simplicity at your fingertips. With a 3/10 DIY skill level requirement, installing this floating shelf bracket is a breeze, ensuring your floating shelves are secure and well-supported.